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The Officers and Board of Directors named Hammock Creek resident, Mike Healy, as the winner of the 2013 Tom Schlinkert Community Service Award at the Annual Membership meeting/party, held at Camp Dixie on Saturday, May 18,2013. Mike was recognized for his generous contributions and efforts for animal rescue in the Josephine community. Mike developed a network of foster homes for placement of the rescue dogs until permanent homes could found for the animals. His efforts focused on the Pirate’s Cove area, as that well known marina and entertainment facility has been the drop point for many unwanted dogs whose owners make no effort to find good homes or shelters for their unwanted pets. Mike was the driving force behind the “Cove Dog” image, and started the Cove Dog of the Month award in 2005. Each month, Mike would choose a local dog to be recognized with the dog’s photo mounted on the bulletin board at the Cove. That program led to Mike’s creative initiative to produce The Cove Dog Olympics. The Cove Dog Olympics began with some basic events to challenge the participants in events such as hamburger eating contest, jumping and swimming. He has added additional events each year, and the venue continues to draw new participants and increased public attendance. Last year’s events were taped, and may be found on the Josephine Homeowners Association website. Also on the website, at the Meet Your Neighbor section, there is a personal profile on Mike. Mike has enjoyed contributing to the community through his efforts with the rescue program, but will taking a reduced roll in the community effort, as he in negotiations with the owner of FurEver Homes, a local shelter owned by Steve Williams, to continue the rescue program and production of the Cove Dog Olmpics. Mike Healy is a true asset to the Josephine community, and we applaud his outstanding efforts to help place unwanted animals in caring homes and families.
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The 2011-2012 Board of Directors for the Josephine Homeowner's Association decided it was appropriate to establish an award to be given to non-board members of our Association who have contributed significantly to the betterment of the Josephine Community. The award, which shall hereafter be known as "The Tom Schlinkert Community Service Award", is not an award that will necessarily be given each year or be limited to a single person. Instead, the award will be given periodically to a person or persons who have demonstrated unselfish service to the Josephine Community as has our first recipient, Tom Schlinkert. Before moving to Josephine in 1996, Tom Schlinkert was a resident of Birmingham, Alabama. After graduation from Loyola University in New Orleans with degrees in U.S. History and English, Tom returned to Birmingham and opened an outdoor retail store and later an adventure outpost focused on kayaking, rafting, and climbing. Tom was ultimately offered a sales and marketing management job at his primary kayak supplier and sold his operations to enter the wholesale sporting goods industry. After two years working in house with a kayak supplier, Tom founded Schlinkert Sports Associates, a manufacture rep firm and added manufacturers and personnel growing to 12 field sales people representing eight major manufacturers in the adventure sports venue. While pursuing his passion for whitewater kayaking , Tom noticed a distinct void in product availability for the growing whitewater raft industry. In concert with a Japanese tire manufacturer, Tom designed and manufactured a line of commercial grade inflatable boats as well as associated products for the outfitter and River Equipment Distributors and quickly became the largest supplier to this growing market. In 1995, Tom sold River Equipment Distributors and, absent the need to inventory and ship product, determined to sell his warehouse facility and office and relocated Schlinkert Sports to Josephine. After renovation of an existing house on Osprey Drive, Tom moved to Baldwin County. In 1997, Tom served his first term on the Josephine Homeowner's Association Board of Directors. While serving in this capacity, he joined with a group which proposed and passed Baldwin County zoning of District 62 encompassing Josephine, only the third district to do so in the county. Tom served on the Josephine Homeowner's Association board three subsequent times for a total of 11 years of board service. In 2006, along with Rachel Mueller, the idea for a school and treatment facility for local children with autism was conceived. Classrooms were secured at St. Benedicts Catholic School and High Hopes was born. In order to fund the endeavor, the High Hopes board instituted the Illuminating Autism Fun-Raiser, a three day event held on the grounds of Pirates Cove each year. The event has sustained the growth of High Hopes for 6 years and has graduated scores of children with autism into the typical first grade class. Following the destructive force of Hurricane Ivan, Roberts Bayou was inundated with derelict boats. To make matters worse, other boat owners began permanently mooring their boats in the bayou with many of those boats becoming ultimately abandoned. The fleet of the derelict and unauthorized boats was an eyesore and embarrassment that the citizens of Josephine had to endure until just recently. Thanks to Tom Schlinkert's tireless effort over several years, the derelict boats are now gone. Furthermore, the authorities in charge of policing Roberts Bayou have committed to keeping the bayou free of abandoned boats and boats which are moored without permission. Tom is an avid sailor and frequently transits the Gulf of Mexico with first mate, Christy Munsterman, aboard his 43-foot Catamaran “Odalisque”. He can also be frequently found kayaking the upper reaches of Wolf Bay. A love of the outdoors, the culture, and the people of Josephine assures that Tom Schlinkert will be your neighbor for many years to come. The Board of Directors thanks you, Tom, for being such a great steward of our natural treasures and good friend to all of your neighbors.
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Some of our members may have a BP claim. There are professionals in our community as well as in Pensacola and Mobile who can assist you. You can also file your claim on your own. Your JHA Board of Directors recommends that you consult with a professional to determine if you have a claim and to become aware of any deadlines for filing your claim. More information may be obtained at:
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JHA By-Laws  
Attached are the current JHA By-Laws which were passed on September 15, 2011.
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