Wayne and Mary Lou Phillips

Wayne and Mary Lou grew up in Mobile. They have been friends since middle school and both are Murphy HS grads. They dated in high school and in 1957; Mary Lou invited Wayne to visit her family who had rented one of the cabins on the beach at Pirates Cove.

From high school, Wayne joined the Marine Corps Reserves and served for six years mostly with the 38th Rifle Co. in Montgomery while attending Auburn. Mary Lou worked at the Merchants Bank in Mobile.

They were married in 1962 and returned to Auburn for Wayne’s last year for a degree in Electrical Engineering. The lived in Gainesville, FL for 14 years as Wayne worked for The Sperry Electronic Tube Division and later, Gates and Sons, an engineering and construction company. While there, he earned a master of engineering degree at the University of Florida.

In 1978, Wayne started working for International Paper Company and they moved to Fairhope. He started an engineering consulting business in 1995 and is still working. Mary Lou serves on the board of the Clothes Closet, a charitable thrift store that supports many local organizations; she also devotes much time to the grand kids.

Their daughter, Suzanne, and son, Kyle, were born in Gainesville. Suzanne, a University of Mobile grad, is a nurse and lives in Daphne. She has a daughter, Melanie, and a granddaughter, Addison. Kyle and wife Mandy are both graduates of USA and have two sons Jacob and Parker. Kyle works for Austal and Mandy for ADT.

 In 1960 Mary Lou’s dad, William Taylor, built the second house constructed on the beach. They spent many vacations here. Most memorable was in 1969 with Mary Lou’s Grandmother, her parents, daughter and baby boy; they watched a little 17” TV as John Glenn landed on the moon. Mary Lou’s Dad taught Wayne how to gig flounders. This was before all of the condos were built and there were few lighted benchmarks around the bay. Finding their way home on a dark night was always an adventure. The shrimp were also more plentiful then.

 In 1998, Mary Lou and Wayne moved to Josephine full-time and live in the house that her Dad built plus an addition. It’s an old house now with real knotty pine walls and it creaks like an old wooden boat with memories that linger. Wayne enjoys playing golf and Mary Lou likes to travel.


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