Richard and Mary Sullivan

In 2005, Mary Sullivan designed and built her dream beach house in Josephine on Arnica Bay - "dragging" her reluctant husband, Richard, along. Mary had discovered Josephine by way of her life-long friend, Gillette Muller, who owns a home in Josephine Harbor. While Mary has always wanted a beach house, Richard had spent his childhood summers at Point Clear and felt "beached out, boated out, and fished out."

Mary prevailed. And today Richard quickly acknowledges he is delighted that she did so. Very few long-weekends ever pass without the Sullivan's enjoying "Mary's Place" with family and friends. Simply, they love it.

The love goes way back. Mary's first date was wtih Richard - a movie at the old Roxy Theater - in the eighth grade, driven both ways by Richard's father. A year or so later she wore Richard's I.D. bracelet - a sign of true love in the mid-60s. But alas, love didn't last long the first time.

Both attended the University of Alabama at the same time, Richard graduating in 1970, Mary in 1972. During that time they saw one another often, lived near one another (Richard at the Deke House, Mary at the Kappa House), but oddly never dated one another. It was when they both returned to their native Mobile to begin their fledging careers that they began to see one another again.

Richard had finished graduate school, a brief stint in the Army and was working at an ad agency in Mobile; Mary was in her first year of teaching middle school. They married in 1973.

The Sullivan's have two children, Rich 38, and Blake (Herndon) 34. They also have three grandchildren who enjoy Josephine as much as "Pop" and "May".

Richard is now mostly retired, the founding principal of Red Square Agency which has offices in Mobile and Chicago. Mary long ago left the teaching profession to raise her family. He golfs, she plays tennis.

But that still leaves a lot of time for Josephine - and the aptly named "Mary's Place"



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