Michael J. Healy

Prior to coming south and ending up in Baldwin County 16 years ago, I owned a farm in NW Indiana for 13 years where I conducted a variety of agricultural crop production experiments. For my first four years in Baldwin County I rented a home outside of Elberta, purchasing the home I now live in on Hammock Creek in 2000.  The closest I have come to living IN Hammock Creek was in the twin toad strangler rains that took place on April 1 and 5, 2005, when the creek came within 2” of entering my home!

I’ve always loved working with plants and for that reason became a three degreed plant scientist being self employed for most of my career. I presently maintain a diagnostics lab to identify diseases of various sports turf grasses, do expert witnessing in the area of plant injury litigation, and manage a network of licensed turfgrass nurseries located in Malaysia, China, and Turkey. In this latter capacity I travel around the world once a year. I was scheduled to make my annual around-the-world trip beginning on Oct. 17 to include three countries never visited before….Mongolia, Indonesia, and Singapore, but three fractured bones in my right ankle will delay this trip until 2013.

I’ve always attempted to serve the community in which I live. When living in NW Indiana I became an elected supervisor of the Porter Co. (IN) Water and Soil Conservation District and was appointed to a county-wide solid waste disposal advisory committee.

Here in Josephine I served one term as a member of the board of directors of our homeowners association. Also I will be putting on our Fifth Annual Cove Dog Olympics fund raiser on Oct. 13, and will be posting our 100th Cove Dog of the Month Poster come December of this year.

My community failures have included two tries at forming a 2 community (Josephine and Perdido Beach) citizen forum able to discuss various issues of local to national importance and an adequately volunteered effort to establish an animal rescue in our same two community area.

As to politics and religion, I am a dyed-in-the-wool Centrist and Deist, respectively.


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