Joey and Amy Dobbs

Amy and Joey were both born and raised in the Birmingham area.  Amy attended Auburn and Joey attended Alabama.  They met on a blind date in 1972 and have been together ever since.

Amy and Joey have been residents of Roberts Bayou since 1986.  Joey first visited the bayou in 1977 conducting flora and fauna studies in the surrounding bays and waterways with Dr. Corky while spending nights in a tent at the cove.  Once he had explained the magic of the place to Amy, that's when their love affair with Pirate's Cove began.  During that time they kept a sail boat in Ft. Walton and sailed to the cove for long weekends, always hoping to become permanent residents.

In 1983 they moved the sailboat to Pirate's Cove Marina and enjoyed many afternoons with friends on the docks and at the cove...all the time introducing everyone they could to their little spot of paradise.

In 1986 after almost a year of negotiating, their dreams came true.  They moved into their home on July 4, 1986 and renovated in 2002.  Since that time they they have pursued their passions of fishing, boating and watching sunsets.

Amy is an electrical engineer with AT&T and has been there her whole career.  Joey is CEO of Landscape Workshop, a grounds management and landscape construction company with a footprint throughout the southeast.

You have probably seen them in the yellow Kenner with their 2 Gordon Setters, Scatter and Belle, cruising in the afternoons to one of their favorite sunset watching spots.  You may have even enjoyed the bounty from one of their many fishing trips aboard the Monkey Business in the form of fresh tuna, red snapper, trigger fish, grouper or wahoo.

Over the years, most of the Dobbs family has migrated to the Josephine area.  It's a pretty sure bet that they will be gathered on the dock enjoying the dolphins, ospreys and herons by day and transfixed by the wonderment of the green monster at night. 


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