MEET:   Jack and Veda Kelley

Veda and Jack were in their 40s and previously married when they met on a blind date… on Friday the 13th!! That night, they laughed in the face of ‘bad luck’ and have been having fun together ever since.

Although Jack’s people are from Coosa County, Alabama, he was born in Evansville, Indiana. As a child in a military family, Jack lived in quite a few different places, graduating from high school in Italy. He attended Auburn University where he studied engineering.

True to his military roots, Jack joined the Air Force after leaving Auburn. This experience led him to work on the early Space Shuttle Program. After a career as a manufacturer’s rep for a range of electronic components companies, Jack started his own firm. Now, after 30 years, he enjoys being retired — though, he only admits to being 90% retired.

Veda was born in Lewisburg, Ohio, west of Dayton. It was a small town much like Mayberry, and, as a teenager, she participated in the Miss Chick (a.k.a. Chicken) competition sponsored by the local 4-H Club. She worked hard on her ‘talent’ for the competition and brought down the house with her amazing ability to walk a New Hampshire red rooster on a leash! This is no small feat and the judges recognized her talent which took her to the Miss Chick finals!

Her career spans many jobs including trade shows for a consumer products company and office manager for an electrical engineering firm. One of the positions she enjoyed the most was working as a legal secretary/paralegal and judicial assistant for a Federal Magistrate Judge representing the Sixth Circuit from FMJSA in Washington, DC. A selfdescribed computer nerd, Veda uses her graphic design talents on the computer to produce fliers and pamphlets for various groups in the Josephine community.

For years, Veda and Jack came to the area to visit Jack’s daughter who lived in Grand Lagoon. They fell in love with the area and bought a lot on Ono Island, but were unhappy with the exposure following Hurricane Ivan. A casual search on the Internet turned up the house they now own on Spring Branch Road. It perfectly suits their interests: gardening, cooking, golfing, fishing, and enjoying family and the Josephine community.


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